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Kelsey Creveling has built her career helping individuals & companies achieve accelerated growth; becoming the best versions of themselves possible. Her passion for continuous improvement inspired her to enact a trio of ventures – the KelsC. Collection – each focused in a different way on helping organizations and individuals optimize their performance within the professional services domain.

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KelsC. Consulting

KelsC. Consulting is focused on supporting the growth and development of professional services firms and individuals to improve long-term performance trajectory.

The Consultants' Counsel

Coming Soon: The Consultants' Counsel is a collective digital forum focused on the consulting industry and lifestyle - offering insights, reviews, and tenured industry counsel for all consultants looking to further their career.

The Consultant's Closet

The Consultant’s Closet focuses on providing fashion  guidance and attire inspiration for the consultant’s lifestyle to support the need for a professional and well curated wardrobe – suitable for the board room, the plane, and the weekend.

Kelsey’s Guest Appearance on ConsultingHumor

In the below video, Kelsey shares her consulting experiences, advice, and recommendations via Instagram live Q&A for ConsultingHumor

Kelsey’s The Power of Storytelling Podcast from the SLĀ Foundation

Kelsey’s podcast can be found here: The Power of Storytelling Podcast

Download & listen to the podcast via Apple PodcastsGoogle Podcasts, and Spotify.

Also, be sure to check out her Q&A on the SLĀ Foundation’s blog!


In the below video, Kelsey discusses in depth a topic that is so important during these challenging times: endurance.


Kelsey discusses the unique challenges and suggests some approaches to dressing professionally even when all business is conducted via Zoom calls.

Kelsey brings a finely-polished balance of technical and project management skills, business development skills and staff development skills. I had the good fortune to witness Kelsey demonstrate these skills with project teams and executives when she was a Principal Director with Accenture. I was very impressed by her ability, in any situation, to quickly comprehend the core issue or objective, process all the variables, and to then artfully lead the group toward a successful outcome in an extremely polished and professional manner.

- Health System CIO

I’ve recently begun searching for a new role. Before engaging the market, I sought an objective perspective on my value proposition, resume and overall presentation. For starters, Kelsey’s ability to recognize and address executive level employment needs gave me confidence that I was in the right hands. After a thorough interview process, Kelsey helped me better highlight my strengths, offered recommendations on how to effectively address weaknesses and provided me a roadmap for developing a social and professional media presence. I will definitely continue working with Kelsey and highly recommend her! - Former Academic Medical Center CIO

I sought Kelsey’s help to pull together my work and education experiences into a resume and cover letter that represented my skill sets for finding employment. Her knowledge helped me find a great first post-degree job. - Celeste C.

Kelsey’s ability to review my resume objectively helped me transition careers. When I decided to leave the IT industry, Kelsey was able to highlight my skills and experience in a way that a non-IT company would be able to understand. She also suggested a number of formatting changes that made the overall resume stronger. I sincerely appreciate Kelsey’s professionalism and advice – I’ll be back next time I’m looking to make another career move! - Will G.

“You are like the career fairy” – former colleague, supporting search for a new job.
Better than I could have ever hoped! Kelsey really took the time to get to know me, my interests, and my strengths, then coached me into packaging it all into a one page reflection myself.  I definitely plan on going back to Kelsey with my next career move. -Daniel N.
I asked Kelsey to review my resume to prepare for my most recent job search, and I was impressed. Kelsey was able to spotlight my skills and experience, highlighting the key takeaways from each item. She also suggested some formatting changes to emphasize the most important pieces of my resume. I appreciated her fresh set of eyes and valuable feedback.
-Donna M.
Kelsey Creveling reviewed my resume during a recent job search.  With her suggestions and guidance, I was able to tailor my resume to better display my strengths and to account for any weaknesses. Her clear-cut examples, real world knowledge, and no-nonsense evaluation genuinely assisted in getting my resume to be the best example of my skills.
-Kate Z.
Kelsey and I were colleagues for multiple years and have worked together on numerous clients. I have always been impressed with not only how knowledgeable she is on the subject matter, but also how easy it is for her to connect with people. Kelsey has a remarkable way of connecting with people, and even connecting people for that matter. Years after we worked together, she put me in touch with my current employer and introduced me to a tremendous opportunity. I have known Kelsey for years now and am still impressed by her abilities as a professional and her ability to network.
- Adrian C

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