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The Consultants' Consultant


Kelsey brings her own personal & professional experience and expertise to coach and mentor individuals towards personal & professional success.


Kelsey’s decade-plus experience in building high performing professional services firms makes her an invaluable guide to organizations looking to build or grow their service offerings & culture.


Kelsey’s passion for the consulting industry combined with her entrepreneurial drive has positioned her as a thought leader, lending her vision to public speaking engagements, television, web, and social media.

Kelsey Creveling: A Brief History

1988: Houston, TX Native


2008: A Great Time to Enter the Work Force

Graduated Magna Cum Laude in two years from Texas A&M University’s Mays School of Business where she majored in Business Management.

2009: Epic Systems Corporation

Joined the world’s leading healthcare software company (and relocated from Houston, TX to Madison, WI in the middle of winter) where she worked as a Project Manager/Implementer, working with many of the country’s leading healthcare systems.


Departed from Epic to work with prestigious management consulting firm Alvarez & Marsal, where she worked as a Consultant and later after a promotion as a Manager, supporting IT business consulting within the Oil & Gas vertical.

2013: Sagacious Consultants

As a founding member of the strategic leadership team, she worked to develop client relationships, drive business development, and provide clients with healthcare industry leadership and support across multiple disciplines. She also founded one of the organization’s strategic service offerings, and worked to grow and lead it into a multi-million dollar revenue generating service line. In addition, she also formulated a new relationship-based sales approach which led to the creation of a new client relations team.

In addition, Ms. Creveling worked to transition the focus of Sagacious from that of a Staff Augmentation firm of ~80 employees, to that of a full-scale business management consultancy with over 270 employees and diverse strategic services. This organizational transformation ultimately attracted the attention of Accenture and resulted in the acquisition of Sagacious Consultants.

2016: KelsC. Consulting

Drawing from the success of supporting Sagacious Consultants immense growth mixed with Kelsey’s background in helping individuals improve their careers and consulting capabilities, she created KelsC. Consulting to support the growth and development of professional service firms and individuals.


Predicated by the success of KelsC. Consulting, and the desire to further expand the avenues for providing Consulting industry recommendations and best practices, Kelsey began her efforts to expand the KelsC. Collection, to include:

The Consultants’ Counsel:
After wanting to write a book on the industry for years, Kelsey decided a better way to culminate industry knowledge and recommendations would be to collaborate with respected peers, and create a digital forum focused on the Consulting industry.

The Consultant’s Closet:
Always frustrated by the lack of professional women’s clothing options, and the fashion industry’s egregious misrepresentation of what is and not appropriate in the professional work world, as well as what is and is not affordable / practical for the lifestyle, Kelsey wanted a venue to share her take on what to wear and how to wear it – sourced from her curated closet (and the ‘closet’ of designers and partners she respects).

2018: Säfik Advsrs Launches

Kelsey co-founded  Säfik Advsrs, a new venture focused on helping technology startups to accelerate their growth through The Säfik Syndicate and advisory consulting services.

2019: The Consultant's Closet Launches

Kelsey launched her next addition to the KelsC. Collection, The Consultant’s Closet, in early 2019.

Kelsey Creveling: Many Roles, A Singular Passion


Familiar with what it takes to excel in the professional service industry based on experience with both sides of the equation (interviewing and hiring), Kelsey understands how to coach and mentor others to help them achieve their maximum potential and does so in a way that doesn’t feel like work, or aggressive ‘constructive’ criticism.


Trusted for her industry expertise and practical process improvement tactics, and sought after for her diplomatic approach for handling challenging client obstacles, Kelsey is known for her outstanding leadership, communication, management, and engagement delivery across multiple disciplines.


Conscious of the risks and the rewards of self-employment and the consequent responsibilities and opportunities that avail, Kelsey is well versed in entrepreneurship after launching her own firm in 2016. She has advised numerous start-ups – at all phases of initiation and has coached many individuals as they too have made the transition into running their own companies.


Fluent in public speaking, and at home in front of an audience, Kelsey is a talented communicator regardless of venue or forum. She enjoys speaking on a range of topics across the consulting industry, and excels at customizing speeches to her clients requirements.
Kelsey brings a finely-polished balance of technical and project management skills, business development skills and staff development skills. I had the good fortune to witness Kelsey demonstrate these skills with project teams and executives when she was a Principal Director with Accenture. I was very impressed by her ability, in any situation, to quickly comprehend the core issue or objective, process all the variables, and to then artfully lead the group toward a successful outcome in an extremely polished and professional manner.

- Health System CIO

I’ve recently begun searching for a new role. Before engaging the market, I sought an objective perspective on my value proposition, resume and overall presentation. For starters, Kelsey’s ability to recognize and address executive level employment needs gave me confidence that I was in the right hands. After a thorough interview process, Kelsey helped me better highlight my strengths, offered recommendations on how to effectively address weaknesses and provided me a roadmap for developing a social and professional media presence. I will definitely continue working with Kelsey and highly recommend her! - Former Academic Medical Center CIO
I sought Kelsey’s help to pull together my work and education experiences into a resume and cover letter that represented my skill sets for finding employment. Her knowledge helped me find a great first post-degree job. - Celeste C.
Kelsey’s ability to review my resume objectively helped me transition careers. When I decided to leave the IT industry, Kelsey was able to highlight my skills and experience in a way that a non-IT company would be able to understand. She also suggested a number of formatting changes that made the overall resume stronger. I sincerely appreciate Kelsey’s professionalism and advice – I’ll be back next time I’m looking to make another career move! - Will G.
“You are like the career fairy” – former colleague, supporting search for a new job.
Better than I could have ever hoped! Kelsey really took the time to get to know me, my interests, and my strengths, then coached me into packaging it all into a one page reflection myself.  I definitely plan on going back to Kelsey with my next career move. -Daniel N.
I asked Kelsey to review my resume to prepare for my most recent job search, and I was impressed. Kelsey was able to spotlight my skills and experience, highlighting the key takeaways from each item. She also suggested some formatting changes to emphasize the most important pieces of my resume. I appreciated her fresh set of eyes and valuable feedback.
-Donna M.
Kelsey Creveling reviewed my resume during a recent job search.  With her suggestions and guidance, I was able to tailor my resume to better display my strengths and to account for any weaknesses. Her clear-cut examples, real world knowledge, and no-nonsense evaluation genuinely assisted in getting my resume to be the best example of my skills.
-Kate Z.
Kelsey and I were colleagues for multiple years and have worked together on numerous clients. I have always been impressed with not only how knowledgeable she is on the subject matter, but also how easy it is for her to connect with people. Kelsey has a remarkable way of connecting with people, and even connecting people for that matter. Years after we worked together, she put me in touch with my current employer and introduced me to a tremendous opportunity. I have known Kelsey for years now and am still impressed by her abilities as a professional and her ability to network.
- Adrian C

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